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Do you go through the day with intrusive, distressing thoughts or images? Witnessing or coming close to death or suffering serious injury can result in intense emotional responses of fear, helplessness, or horror. It is difficult to recall memories of the event because the psyche protects your ego by splintering off the details of the event that are too threatening to integrate. You may experience nightmares that may represent a repression of difficult thoughts or uncomfortable feelings. You may also experience a sense of detachment from others. Survivors of trauma may repeat patterns of interpersonal conflict with others, especially intimate relationships. Talking with a professional may help you to:

Complexes may get activated after you experience trauma in your life. Carl Jung identified a complex as - a feeling toned autonomous content of the personal unconscious, usually formed through psychic injury or trauma. If your complex gets activated (triggered), you become threatened with a loss of control over your emotions, and sometimes this affects your behavior. Have you ever reacted irrationally and regretted later? Complexes are to humans what instincts are to animals. Therapeutic intervention can help you recognize the destructive, repetitive patterns that manifest themselves, as a result of your reaction to the activation of a complex. Take a proactive position in your life and call today. 


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Your vision will become clear only when

you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside,awakens.

Carl Jung.

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