Sheida Francis, PhD - Clinical Psychotherapy
Body Mind Connection:

The Power of the Mind:
IMG 0532Many traditional systems make use of interconnectedness of the mind and body. There has been a growing scientific movement during the past 30 years to explore the mind's capacity to affect the body. Clinically, this is called mind-body connection.
The power of the mind's ability to influence bodily response has now become more apparent in the psychological communities.
The discovery of the complex interactions between the mind and the neurological/ immune systems has stimulated much interest. Consequently, there has been a rapid expansion in the area of psychoneuroimmunology.
Mind-body interventions are increasingly being incorporated into mental health treatment protocols, which include psychotherapy, support groups, meditative activities, and guided imagery.
Psychotherapy encompasses a wide range of treatments. My approach is done primarily through methods such as gaining insight, awareness,psychoanalysis,and meditation.   Psychotherapy also appears to be valuable in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses in which physical symptoms appear to have no medical cause. These symptoms are often marketly improved with mind/body psychological interventions.  In addition, these techniques have been shown to speed patients' recovery time from various illnesses.